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The Mad Hatters Finest is band like no other. Blending country, rap, motown, rock, and hip/hop into a sound all their own.  Preforming private and corporate events around the country and clubs in Nashville TN, the unique line up is what draws people in the door, and allowing the groove to keep them from leaving!

"THE SHOW- is about playing music that brings back memories. Playing songs that take you back to a place or a person you had forgotten about but when you hear it you can't help but smile."

We cover a little everything.... if it makes you want to jump, smile, love, or dance we will put it in!

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Ain't no party like a Mad Hatters Party!

We love doing private and corporate events and never complain about traveling! Weddings, Birthdays, Retirement, Office Parties, even Getting Outta Jail. We are just what you you need to make your get together a party!

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Give our EP a listen the perfect blend GREAT lyrics, SUPERB chicken picken, more GROOVE than should be allowed by law and just enough TOP NOTCH to make you say where has THIS been all my life!!


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 A blend of great country and groove with a twist of Hip/Hop 

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The Mad Hatters Finest

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