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The Mad Hatters Finest live shows are an experience you won't forget!


"I could't leave, every song you played was one of my favorites!" -Everyone Ever

 From the first downbeat The Mad Hatters Finest will take you on a trip down memory lane. Every cover song we pick is intended to take you back to a place you were or someone you knew. There's no feeling like seeing the smiles in the crowd when you start playing a song they loved but had forgotten about. Like our DJ Top Notch says this band has no rules, if it's a good song we put it in somewhere. We are not limited to one genre in our cover shows Country, Rock, Hip/Hop, Soul we do it all. Our medleys allow us to keep you moving, just when you think it's over we get you with another great song! 


The Mad Hatters Finest is a vision of the drummer‚ÄčLucas Caswell six years in the making.


"To create something outside the box it can't just be good. You have to make it exceptional because it will be held to a higher standard" 

-Lucas Caswell 

  Being a fan of many genres it only makes sense to want to blend them together, but you can't force it . "All the styles need to be done with true integrity and that's what we've done here." There's no denying these songs are country but the groove keeps you swaying side to side. Heartbreak, Family, Working Hard these are universal things everyone can relate to. We added the Hip-Hop/Rap element giving the songs an unexpected twist. The ability to do this gives us an opportunity to entertain in a way no other band can. Check it out and hear this unique blend for yourself!


The Mad Hatters Finest players come from all over their individual backgounds are what make the sound unique and the shows so much fun!


"We love Getting to Know our fans, be sure to say hello next time you see us"

LUCAS CASWELL- Founder, Drummer, Cult Figure, Vocals             

 DJ TOP NOTCH- Rapper, MC, Vocals, Dropper Of Truth

Jerica Lynn Blair- Lead Vocals, Southern Bell

Bobby Perkins- Guitar, Vocals, Dog Lover

Darius Salazar- Bass Guitar, Brings The Noise And The Funk

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  A blend of great country and groove with a twist of Hip/Hop  

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